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22 July 2018

When Andre asked what I thought about his book, "Love and Online Dating", I nearly declined because I have never been a believer in finding love online. I opened the book in...

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20 July 2018

An Illuminating Work of the Heart. I am Liv Miles of 28 years old from New England writing under pen Lev and as a freelance writer. I always have my eyes peeled for an...

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17 July 2018

I am Luca K., a 26-year-old from a small town near Mainz in Germany. Today established in Kentucky in USA, who lives with her beloved Husky named Echo and fiancée, John. I...

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14 July 2018

Hello, I am Nicole from Toscana in Italy. When Andre asked me to write a few words for his book, I initially didn't feel at ease. On one hand, I have never used online dating...

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11 July 2018

I am Mariangela of age 29. I must say that when Andre reached out to me and asked me for my contribution with some replies for his book I thought it was kind of a Godsend. I...

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7 July 2018

Andre reaching out to me to write replies about his book on online dating was actually quite a funny coincidence. I am Marlys Estrada of age 27 and I had actually found what I...

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1 July 2018

Hello, I am Niobe 26 years old women from Caracas in Venezuela. I’m always thinking that in the same way love knocks the door, unique opportunities also do, and we all need to...

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29 June 2018

My name is Fanna, I am 27 years old from Dubai in UAE. Online dating is a huge trend in today’s time and there’s so much everybody wishes they knew before setting up their...

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29 June 2018

Hello, my name is Marta and I am a woman from Poland who is in her middle twenties. As you can safely assume from my age, dating is nothing new to me. However, what is new and...

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