An Illuminating Work of the Heart.

I am Liv Miles of 28 years old from New England writing under pen Lev and as a freelance writer. I always have my eyes peeled for an interesting project to work on. There’s a certain thrill to never knowing what will show up on one’s desk in the morning, of not knowing what matter I will be expounding upon for the rest of the day. Imagine my delight, then, when Andre requested my input on his book “Infinite Shades of Happiness.” Andre’s book gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn all about the world of online dating, as well as to share my own hard-won wisdom on matters of the heart.

In working with Andre on this collection, I was allowed the rare privilege to dive into the personal thoughts of a stranger, and to examine intimate, revealing glimpses of human interaction. The women in these tales provided a menagerie of interesting twists and turns, as well as their own motives for pursuing romance, and their differences of perspective allowed me to reflect on my own relationships. Who would have thought that online dating could present one with so many opportunities?

The world of cyberspace is vast and ever growing, and as technology improves, so will the myriad of encounters we can experience. Books like Andre’s contain indispensable wisdom for those embarking on the quest to find their life mate on such unpredictable seas, and allow us the comfort of knowing that the course is not always so easy to deduce. We may take consolation that unique as our own condition may be, we are not alone in our heterodoxy, as we exist among a multitude of other colorful and unpredictable souls, seeking to find the one in which we may find true happiness.

Now, as a married woman with a baby girl, what use could I have for such a guide? Firsthand, admittedly, not a tremendous amount. I am among the fortunate ones who  have found their soulmate, thus ending my heart’s journey. But I value the fortuity of reading these stories, as I believe that, in listening to the experiences of others, I may enlighten corners of my own internal library that may otherwise remain dusty and strung with cobwebs.

It was an honor and pleasure to contribute to Andre’s book, and I hope that all who read it find illumination within these pages.