Born when half of Europe was still under Communist control, Andre Prince de Grâce was raised and educated on three continents in as many languages. He spent his early childhood in Eastern Europe, and his adolescence in the shadow of North Africa’s Atlas Mountains. He studied for his baccalaureate in Paris, and received his graduate degree in Montreal. A true citizen of the world, he is a civil engineer by training and profession, but can more accurately be described as an artist with an engineer’s mind, a practical man hopelessly in love with music, art and gourmet cooking. Yet after successfully pursuing a rewarding career, and experiencing the infinite joys of parenting, he came to believe the one thing still missing in his life was a soulmate. He thinks finding the love of his life may be the toughest challenge he ever faced, but he knows the only thing worse than failing in his quest would be failing to try. So, he’s still searching for that very special someone to turn his comfortable world completely upside down.


Liv Miles of age 28 and pen name Lev. I am a paranormal fiction writer from New England in USA. Has provided her feedback as a sample of how a millennial woman may view Andre’s views on online dating.


I am Zakria under pen Zak and I am a professional content writer with 7 years of experience in the writing field from city of Lahore in Pakistan. Have attended Virtual University of Pakistan and graduated in 2014.A professional content writer with 7 years of experience in the writing field and I am a girl who likes to play with words for creativity.


Omali Osso, pen name Clara, a 26-year-old freelance writer. Has a Diploma in theatre art and BSC in Mass communications from a university in Nigeria in Africa.


My name is Marta, age 26 and pen name Iga. I come from Poland and I have finished my Bachelor studies at The State University of Applied Sciences in Płock and currently I am doing my MA at University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń. I consider myself a friendly individual who does her best and is very diligent.



Fanna age 27 and pen name Nat from UAE. I’m a blogger, writer and reader with an eye for creative work. I have been reviewing, beta-reading, and critically analyzing written pieces for two years.


Nicole Stella age 28 and pen name Greta, is a freelance writer and translator from Tuscany, Italy.


My name is Mariangela Abbruzzese and pen name Angela. I am from Caracas, Venezuela. 29 years old. Graduated from Science in Communications. She worked on a bookstore from 2013 to 2017 and now is working as a freelance translator and creative writer.


Vanessa Clinton under pen name Vanessa, is a fun loving and passionate British girl of 26 years old. She is also an award-winning copy writer with vast experience for over 5 years. Her writings are recognized by a wide range of clients across the globe. You can see on


Christina under pen name Chrisa and I am a cheerful bubbly 24-year-old girl from Jordan. I am passionate about many things, including music and soccer. As for my hobbies, besides cooking of course and trying out different cuisines lol I like to read books and travel.My motto in life is to never give up and work hard as that is the only way to reach our dreams one day.


I’m Niobe, under pen Nio. I’m an artist and writer from Venezuela, 25 years old, passionate about music, movies, and books that drive me to daydreaming. I see life with optimism but in a rational way. I believe that everything is possible if you are persistent and that we all are connected by the cosmos.


I’m Marlys Estrada under pen Maria, a 27 years old girl from Havana in Cuba and online dating brought me together with my true soul mate.My hobbies are writing and reading. I have a shared blog with my boyfriend in which we write about social and cultural topics. Also, I have translation and editing skills.


I am Ivana Koprivica under pen Ivana, a 36 years old woman from Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A successful freelancer, knowledgeable in four languages. Writing, for me means living. My favorite quotes are: “I know that I do know nothing”.