When Andre asked what I thought about his book, “Love and Online Dating”, I nearly declined because I have never been a believer in finding love online. I opened the book in readiness to critique and find fault with it but what I found melted my heart and kept me glued to the book for the next three hours. I am Sophie Cheng, age 29 from China and now I am a believer in finding lasting love online.

Being someone who believes that the true test of a person’s character can only be carried out when one meets the person, in reality, I felt there was no way for anyone to find true love and a lasting relationship online. But, Andre has proven me wrong with his intelligent analysis of the topic in his book.

While love is a very delicate issue, one that has burnt the fingers of many time and again, it is also one that everyone wants to have a taste of over and over again. Andre has proven that when finding love with the people around you fails, going online to find it can fetch you the love you desire. He has compiled together the stories of real people who have successfully, and not so successfully, weathered the storms of online dating and used them to help others that might be seeking to go the same route.

This book helps make anybody smart when it comes to the dating game – online or not. It is filled with various nuggets of wisdom that will get you writing out points on how to find a good match online. He teaches on the mistakes people make when dating and ways to both overcome and avoid these mistakes altogether. It teaches ways to portray yourself on online dating platforms and ways to tell the wolves from the sheep and the players from the serious ones. There are steps to help you avoid the dangers of online dating and steps to help you prepare for your first date in person. There are answers to almost any question you might have when it comes to online dating.

Added to the self-help tips is a mix of humor, romance, suspense, intrigue and heartbreaks which makes it easy for anyone to relate with. The issues highlighted therein speak directly to the heart and make it a worthwhile read.I consider this book a great and must read for anyone that has found dating hard and is looking for practical advice on what to do.