Hello, my name is Marta and I am a woman from Poland who is in her middle twenties. As you can safely assume from my age, dating is nothing new to me.

However, what is new and what gives me a fresh sense of novelty is approach which Andre takes in his book: Infinite Shades of Happiness. It can be used as a guide for those women who are lost in the modern online dating world and are not sure how to begin their journey in finding their true love without getting their heart broken each time they are approached by a man.

Andre has asked many different millennial women from around the world to share their stories and points of view, which give his work a substantial amount of credibility. This book does not consist of just some printed pages. These are real people, who were brave enough to share their feelings, emotions and show their true colours in the book.

I decided to contribute to this project because I wanted to share my advice and help other women in finding true love. I decided to speak up and show the advantages and disadvantages of this ‘journey’. Most importantly, this book became a ‘safe space’ for me, where I could share my secrets and not be afraid that someone would judge me.

I will not exaggerate when I will say that this project became some sort of a ‘friend’ of mine. A kind of friend that listens and understands. I was able to tell my story the same way I tell it to a person I have known for years.

The wave of emotions I experienced was also similar to those I feel when talking to someone that is close to me. When I was reading chapters of this book, I felt some kind of relief, as I was not the only woman who was left with her heart broken at some point in her life.

All in all, I genuinely encourage every woman who dates online to read this book. Aside from the contributors’ experience, Andre also includes his own love dilemmas which build a bond between the author and the reader. This work is filled with contradictory emotions. It has everything, from happiness to sadness, which fill you up and empty you all at once. Finally, I would like to thank Andre for this amazing opportunity that made my debut as a writer possible.