My name is Fanna, I am 27 years old from Dubai in UAE. Online dating is a huge trend in today’s time and there’s so much everybody wishes they knew before setting up their profiles on there. This book gives exactly what every online dating enthusiast lacks–the experience and insight. Which is a reason why I jumped at an opportunity to give my two cents about virtual dating as an Indian born-to-an-expat.

I remember being just eighteen when I first logged onto Tinder and decided to “match” with my compatible soulmate. But things are easier said than done, especially when they’re behind the screen. A number of things can go amiss and lot of hints won’t be caught. Being in person gives an advantage of physical traits, mannerisms, and personality observation. All these can be identified and studied through the dating apps too, but there’s just one thing wrong: you can pretend behind the screen better than you can in real life.

So the major tactic that a person needs to use while searching their mate online is to understand the smart differences, to catch the usually overlooked slip-ups, and to read in between the lines. Luckily, Andre’s book provides all these and accompanied by individual experiences by a wide range of women themselves.

Right from laying down your profile to interacting with your probable matches, you need a faint outline to follow so as to reap the benefits of this virtual world as much and as soon as you want. Decoding implied messages and responding to them accordingly; selecting people on the basis of their two-dimensional pictures and two-sentenced descriptions; taking a leap and being forward or holding back to test the waters–these are just a few of the instances when a user wants help but has no idea how to ask for.

Who would know better than those who’ve already tried? That’s an asset of this book because no matter where the reader find themselves stuck in this virtual dating world, someone somewhere has already figured a way out and you can find exactly that in this book. 

Andre’s recounting is a great window to look into the world of virtual dating, and he did a great job of breaking down his situations and the incidents for the benefits of the reader. I knew contributing to this book would be of immense help to someone that belongs to my age group, and so I laid out my thoughts with pure honesty.

No matter what an individual’s idea about online dating rituals would be, I would propel them all to pick up this book because it’s not just a good picture–there are the negative effects being highlighted too. It isn’t just a selection of the best things but of the bad recountings too. The book is an excellent collection of varied opinions, diverse thoughts, and realistic experiences that can offer its reader so much more than they would ever expect. It’s an astute stock of real life reflections on the virtual dating world.