Hello, I am Niobe 26 years old women from Caracas in Venezuela. I’m always thinking that in the same way love knocks the door, unique opportunities also do, and we all need to be alert to recognize them and embrace them when it happens, because they can help us grow spiritually, learn new things, make valuable friends and be better human beings. When I met Andre and his book Infinite Shades of Happiness I sensed it was one of those one-off opportunities knocking at my door, and so it was.

I feel extremely privileged for being one of the first women who had the opportunity to read this book. The synopsis caught me immediately; a book about online dating!

I had seen a lot of books about regular dating, about romance tips, about how to handle a relationship, but it was the first time I came across a book totally dedicated to the world of virtual dating.

At the same time, my curiosity got ignited for a personal reason: I had to go through that same online dating world to find love and get to this happiness spot where I am today.Also, I wanted to know if other people had gone through the same ups and downs, successes and failures I lived when I faced this world without any kind of caution, or at least a good friendly advice.

Reading was highly pleasing. Effectively, Andre did make many of the same mistakes I did, but he also kept an optimist and persevering sight that was admirable; instead of getting sad and give up –as I would have done in the past− he decided to learn a lesson from each mistake to repeat them no more, he kept trying, and the most important, he transformed those mistakes to advise for all those persons who are about to venture, or are already venturing in this online loves and heart-breaks universe.

All of this seems a marvelous, generous, heroic task to me, because, why not to leave other people to get their own stumbling like I did? No, Andre knows that with only giving a little of advice and some details to get into consideration he is helping a lot of beautiful people to make less painful their search to the soulmate, to make shorter their path to happiness.

This is why I gladly decided to contribute to Infinite Shades of Happiness in all the ways I could, even just sharing my own experiences and outcomes, or expressing my agreements and disagreements with Andre’s point of view, so that this titanic task to help others to find love in modern times can have the best possible results!