Andre reaching out to me to write replies about his book on online dating was actually quite a funny coincidence. I am Marlys Estrada of age 27 and I had actually found what I believe to be my soul mate (if there’s such a thing) on one of those dating webs.

First, I found it odd that someone would write a whole book about online dating. But then, I realized how much I went through before getting things rightly done. It was almost like learning the ropes on a new job. So, when he came around asking for reviews, I just knew it would be the smartest thing to do in order to spread the word and help people find their way.

People that are new to this cyber world barely have an idea of what they´re getting into. They believe it´s easy, simple, that they just have to create a profile and their true love will pop up, or they will have sex every day. Truth is there´s more to it than meets the eye.

I had the privilege of peeking into Andre´s book and I was amazed. I was reading about every mistake I´d made while dating online! I was reading about clues that might look pretty clear once you´ve read it, but until you don´t, you have to learn it the hard way, like I did.

I agreed to collaborate with Andre for two main reasons. The first one is that I found incredible utility in his book. Let´s say you´re about to go dating online. You surely don´t want to date the wrong person, or to sketch yourself as the wrong person. I´m guessing you want to learn how to read between lines on a bio description, that you want to get yours right, that you´d like to know which webs are better than others, which tips work and which don´t. If I had only known a couple of these advices, I´d saved me one or two awkward situations.

The second reason is to convince non-believers. With the boost of digital books, sometimes people find it hard to fully trust what they´re reading about. But, Andre´s having different perspectives and point of views from real persons that have gone through the cyber-dating experience, will definitely grant credibility to this book, which, once again, I consider a must read if you´re thinking of hoping on the digital love adventure.