Hello, I am Nicole from Toscana in Italy. When Andre asked me to write a few words for his book, I initially didn’t feel at ease. On one hand, I have never used online dating sites; on the other hand, it just felt challenging to sit down and write about love and relationships. We all struggle, at least once in our lifetime, with this subject, with no exception, so I thought: “Who am I to provide a clear but sincere point of view on this?”

Then I read the chapters of the book Andre asked me to comment and the thoughts of the other women collaborating at the writing and realized how we all need to confront each other openly on relationship issues.

Moreover, as we live hectic lives, with very little time to dedicate to the search for true love and fewer chances to socialize in person, the focus of Andre’s book gains importance and becomes a valid help for anyone who is struggling to find a soulmate and opts for online dating.

Actually, whether you are using online dating sites or not, this book will offer stories you can relate to, giving a sincere but sensitive point of view on love and relationships in general. Undeniably there are misconceptions and prejudices on online dating, so I think Andre’s book is also a precious tool for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable going with this solution.

His stories show both sides of online dating: the thrilling, beautiful feeling of meeting someone who might be “the one” and the awkwardness, the embarrassment when the magic doesn’t happen. It is a sincere outlook, enriched by Andre’s high sensitivity and respect towards women. His effort to understand a woman’s point of view, and the fact he asked many different women across the world to contribute to this, is admirable and quite rare.

On top of Andre’s stories and feelings, in this book, you will read the opinions of women of different ages and cultures. This brave choice is the icing on the cake: I found interesting to read the different comments, seeing how the perception of certain relationship issues might change according to age and culture. What is even more interesting is that some other issues are perceived in the same way, no matter if you’re a man or a woman, young or old, or where you come from. I’m sure you’ll find that quite interesting too!

So, if you’re struggling with love issues, this book will make you feel less alone. It will also provide a constructive outlook on the subject, giving you the positivity you may need.